Vocal FX & One Shots.

vocal fx artwork 3.png
vocal fx artwork 3.png

Vocal FX & One Shots.


Over 1,200 exclusive, unique vocal samples. Created by Multiplier.

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2 Random Vocal Based Samples
19 Breathy Vocal One Shots
83 Unintelligible Whispers
133 Comical Shouts
145 GW Bush Samples
153 Gibberish Vocals
168 Kind of Vocal Based FX and Hits
220 BONUS Vocal FX
306 Gibberish Vocals Repitched

Humans connect with humans, the sound of the human voice. Skrillex said it's why he likes to make synths and FX from vocal samples, as even if it's not instantly recognisable as a vocal, we subconsciously hear something 'human' in it.

Comical Shouts and Gibberish Vocals are your replacement to those overly cheesy and cliché vocal one shots you hear all the time. Get the listener smiling and laughing, and they'll connect with the track, and remember it.

Take a listen to the demo track below. Everything you hear is 100% original samples from the pack, with no further processing.

Note: all of above (excluding BONUS Vocal FX) are included in the Music Production Bundle.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me directly at multiplier@multipliermusic.com

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