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Nearly 14 hours of music production and music industry information and insights.

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The biggest artists in the world (releases on OWSLA, Mad Decent, Ultra) have used my tutorials and advice, as well as Grammy Award winning mixing legend Dave Pensado. I've uploaded over 500 videos to YouTube, many of which don't require any video at all. This package contains the audio from 95 of these, allowing you to create a playlist on your phone, and learn something new when you're not at your computer. Listen to lots in a row, or simply dip in when you have a spare few minutes. Whether you're driving to work, or doing laundry, make that time productive by learning some music production.

The following is included:

-6dB is Special
"Using an SSL Compressor on a Dance Kick Makes No F***ing Sense" Deadmau5
$10 Hack to Improve Studio Productivity
3 Ableton Preferences You Need to Know
3 More Books You Should Read as a Music Producer/DJ
3 Reasons Why It's Ok to Use Samples
3 Tips for 2017 as a Music Producer/DJ
5 Acoustic Treatment Misconceptions
5 Business Books You Should Read as a Music Producer/DJ
5 More Books You Should Read as a Music Producer/DJ
5 Podcasts You Must Listen to as a Music Producer/DJ
7 Semitones is Special
97 Music Production Tips
2018 Music Marketing Idea
A Better Way to Approach Releasing on a Record Label
A Super Innovative Songwriting Idea
Ableton Info Text
Ableton Repitch Delay Mode
An Important Mixing/Mastering/Sound Design Idea
Biggest Mistakes When Submitting Demos to a Record Label
Could I Move My Computer out of the Studio?
Creating Sample Packs, How Perfect Do the Sounds Need to Be?
Dance Music Sound Design/Mixing/Mastering | Headphones vs Live Venue
Do You Need a Plugin EQ?
Frequency Shift Reverb Trick
Frequency vs Pitch
Geotargeting to Build a More Focused Fanbase
Headphones vs Monitors | Music Production Tips
How Big Do You Need to Be to Tour as a DJ
How Loud Should I Make My Track
How to Add a Bubble Attack to Anything in Ableton
How to Backup Properly | the 3-2-1 Strategy
How to Choose a DJ/Music Producer Name
How to Choose a Limiter Algorithm in Mastering
How to Clean up Any Bass Sound
How to Correctly Set Sub Bass Level
How to Deal with Uncertainty
How to EQ - Gain Compensation
How to Fill Out a Mix - Interesting Noise
How to Make an Infinite Riser in Ableton
How to Make Future Bass - Natural Ambience
How to Make Money in the Music Industry - Another Idea
How to Make Spooky Talking Reverb
How to Measure Loudness
How to Mix Vocals
How to Organise Sample Packs
How to Overcome a Creative Block
How to Set Better Goals as a Music Producer/DJ
How to Stay Motivated
How to Trick Spotify/YouTube/etc.. into Playing Your Track Louder
How to Understand Genres | What Is Dubstep, House vs Techno, Etc..
Limiter Tutorial | Introduction, Release Time, IRC III/IV, Etc
Make Money from Your Music | How to Get into Ghost Producing
Manual Delays
Mega Q & A
Mic Preamps
More Podcasts You Should Listen to as a Music Producer/DJ
Music Industry Advice - Social Proof
Music Industry Advice - Start a Podcast
Music Industry Advice - The Follow Up Email
Music Industry Advice - Whitespace
Music Studio Setup - How to Choose a Table/Desk
Must-Watch Documentary for Music Producers/Sound Designers | I Dream of Wires
My Favourite 3 Plugins You Might Not Know About
Noisia Workflow Tip
One-Click Bass Referencing Trick
Open Back vs Closed Back Headphones
Perfection, Production Quality, and the Importance of Story
Rhythmic Reverb in Ableton
Some Thoughts on Icarus, Compared to Serum
Songwriting Workflow Tip
Sound Design Principle - Entropy
SoundCloud is F***ed
SoundCloud Loudness
Steve Aoki I'll Sleep When I'm Dead Review
Stop Being Distracted By Your Phone
Survivorship Bias in the Music Industry
The Most Important Mixing Concept
This is Why You Need a Whiteboard in Your Studio
This is Why You Shouldn't Update Your Harware or Software
What Hardware Do You Need for Music Production?
What is Mastering?
What Monitors Do I Use? and Why?
What Should You Do? An Idea About Lions
What Should You Do? Hard Things When They're Easy
What Should You Do? Lead Domino Concept
What Should You Do? Make You Sure Win, Even If You Fail
When Should You Get a Manager as a Music Producer/DJ?
Why Do I Always Wear the Same T-Shirt?!
Why Do I Use Ableton
Why Do You Need to De-Ess Vocals?
Why I Haven't Hired an Editor or Assistant
Why You Probably Do Too Much EQ/Compression
You Can Learn More From a Bad Song, Than a Good Song
YouTube vs SoundCloud Views

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