6 Month Mentoring Program.

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6 Month Mentoring Program.


Strategy. Feedback. Accountability. Direct message me anytime you like.

From “What does this button do?” to “How do I turn this into a career?”.

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You know that feeling when you have a question, but there's no quick answer on Google? What mastering plugin should I get? Is my song loud enough? Where's the best place to get vocal samples? How do I connect my microphone? Should I make my bass mono? What synth should I learn first? How do I get discovered? How can I start earning money in music? This is where I can help. Most of these I can answer very quickly, saving you hours of time searching through the web. Not to mention (and often times, more importantly), the answers will be specific to you. Even quite objective questions, such as “Is my song loud enough?”, should have an answer specific to your experience level - someone four months into producing, unfamiliar with a limiter, needs a different answer to someone four years into production, who already knows some of the main concepts behind loudness, and just needs a few extra details to maximise the impact of their track.

We'll custom build a six month plan, and get you working on the right things. Whether you want to learn Ableton super fast, or build a fan-base, there are better ways to spend your time getting there. I started earning money from music within a year of starting out, I played my first international show a year later, and went full-time a year after that. Since then it's been my full-time job to learn as much as possible about everything in electronic music.

Included in this package are ten Skype sessions - the first, an hour long to figure out where you're at, to get a plan in place, and then nine strategically timed half-hour sessions. You can ask as many questions as you like via text.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me directly at multiplier@multipliermusic.com.

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